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Greenhouse gas refers to the gas compounds which are present in the atmosphere and have the ability to retain heat. Greenhouse gases are mainly produced by the use of fossil fuels.

At ERNA MAŞ facilities, we supply electrical energy and natural gas to the production phases. Company data is input to the CDP Climate Change Program to record and monitor the greenhouse gas emissions in our facilities. The data collected within the scope of the CDP Climate Change Program are evaluated using the special ranking methodology and used for preparing the CDP Reports every year.


In ERNA MAŞ, we have aimed at establishing "sustainable balance" by using technologies that enable the realization of cleaner and longer lasting production activities based on the efficient use of natural resources.

Opening a new perspective to the technology production, ERNA MAŞ aims to set the sector to a new direction by the slogan of “efficient consumption – clean production.” For that purpose, at ERNA MAŞ facilities we have started to develop focal points encompassing many different pillars from the use of raw materials (natural resources) to in-house energy efficiency, from product designs to greenhouse emission values.

In that context, at ERNA MAŞ facilities we have in place ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 27001 Information Security Management System and ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System. Application efficiency of management systems is continuously monitored and maintained by independent organizations and internal audit mechanisms.


At ERNA MAŞ facilities, the efforts related to climate change involves such measures as minimum emission of gases that produce greenhouse effect and avoidance of the use of fossil fuels unless necessary.

When the greenhouse effect is considered in detail, there is about 25 times difference between the case in which the natural gas used in the facility (CH4 in weight) is released to the atmosphere unburned and the case in which it burns to produce CO2 and released as carbon dioxide. Therefore, combustion systems are periodically checked so that the natural gas used in ERNA MAŞ facilities creates a minimum greenhouse effect, that is, complete combustion is achieved. Also, periodical emission measurements are done in the flues of the plant.


At ERNA MAŞ facilities, we have been continuously improving our environmental performance in both actual and statistical terms with the help of our production method and conscious personnel. Thanks to the production technologies and the production method that we use, the quantity of finished products has increased in comparison to the previous years, but the amount of produced waste has been reduced in contrast.

At ERNA MAŞ facilities, wastes are sorted at the source. The approach adopted at the initial design phase of products is to have maximum production yield by minimum use of natural resources. This can help reduce the amount of natural resources used and therefore the amount of wastes produced.

At ERNA MAŞ we have performed some work on energy efficiency as a result of which the amount of consumed electrical energy has been reduced despite the increase in the quantity of products in comparison to the previous years.

At ERNA MAŞ, personnel is continuously provided training on environmental awareness. We have aimed at organizing periodical training sessions on environmental awareness and making this training more permanent by on-site applications. Based on the training provided so far, no environmental accidents have occurred in ERNA MAŞ Hadımköy and ERNA MAŞ Çankırı facilities.