ERNA MAŞ' strategy is based on a long-term vision that consists of finding precisely the right balance between growth and competitiveness in order to create value for its customers

Prioritising growth

-By resolutely managing a strong and differenciating product innovation policy, enabling us to offer products and services that fit in perfectly with consumer expectations.

-By pursuing a unique international expansion, in mature countries as well as in emerging markets, aiming at local leadership

Monitoring competitiveness

-Through the permanent and responsible adaptation of our industrial tool, by implementing best practices and a rigorous quality control system at a very early stage in the process.

-Through the strict management on a daily basis of our organisation, infrastructures and costs.

-Through the constant optimisation of our supply chain

Being responsible

-By ensuring ERNA MAŞ' ethical principles are respected.

-By pursuing a social responsibility policy.

-By creating sustainable innovations to meet consumer needs.

-By reducing our environmental impact